Is Remote Learning Causing A Mental Health Crisis Among Teens And Children !?

Paige Gagerman had high motivation at the start of the school year. Paige Gagerman, a junior at Deerfield High School, got dressed every day and prepared for school each day. Paige now sleeps in her sweatshirt hooded bed in the second semester. She has become a victim of remote learning.

Paige stated, “I believe that all of the hope and all of the life have been drained from me and my peers and really the teachers too.” Paige said, “I believe that it is very evident in my grades and in my dedication to my classes.”

Paige stated that she had good grades before the pandemic. Paige was involved in several school clubs and played two sports. She does some online activities, but mostly she stays in bed.

She said “some time late at night i think about homework that I can’t do. It could be that I don’t know what all of these thoughts are. It keeps me awake at night.”

Sometimes teachers mistake hopelessness for laziness, which she believes adds to her anxiety. Paige is excited to meet with a therapist, which will be a first for herself. Paige believes that going back to school for just a few hours per day or two days a week would give her mental health a boost. She may soon find some relief. Monday night saw Deerfield’s school board approve a transition to hybrid learning. This will take place on February 23rd.

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