10 Ways to identify Fake Designer Clothes Right Away

2.Pandora bracelets

The original silver bracelet’s hue should be a little worn, but not
A Pandora bracelet shouldn’t be too light or shiny: the producer utilises an oxidation procedure to give the bracelets a unique hue

As a result, new Pandora bracelets should be able to maintain their
It’s also important that you’re able to observe the weaving on

Charms should be about the same size as the clasp on the original Pandora bracelets.
An inscription that reads “Pandora” and has a crown above the “O” should be engraved on the clasp’s Inside the clasp is a peculiar fixator that resembles a clover and comprises of a little screw with four heads.
Its primary function is to keep the bracelet securely fastened to the wrist.
The clasp must also bear a mark indicating the purity of the silver as well as a manufacturer stamp.

Pandora charms bear an inscription with the company name as well as a mark indicating the metal from which they are produced.
Murano charms should be free of chips, cracks, and air bubbles.

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