10 Ways to identify Fake Designer Clothes Right Away

3. Levi’s jeans

The denim used to make original Levi’s jeans should have a visible diagonal pattern that is apparent on both the front and rear sides of the jeans.
The original jeans’ rear pockets should have a 2-line design like an eagle’s beak.
All Levi’s jeans include a soft leather patch above the right pocket on the back of the waistband.
The patch should include Levi’s emblem and a message, as well as the size of the jeans and the model number.
There should be a picture of the drovers attempting to shred the jeans as well.
The small Levi’s tab on the back right pocket of the jeans is typically red, but it can vary depending on the model.
The tab should bear the brand name as well as a registration mark: ®.
Authentic buttons will always have the words “Levi Strauss” imprinted on the front and a number pressed into the back.
The rivets should also bear the brand name on the outside and the model number on the interior.

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