10 Ways to identify Fake Designer Clothes Right Away

4.Lacoste polo shirts

The Lacoste crocodile should be meticulously crafted.
Should be able to clearly see its fangs, feet and reddish jaws.
The crocodile’s body should be bright green, and its tail should be parallel to its back.
A white tag with the logo and a red number indicating the size should be located at the back of the polo collar (inside the shirt).
On men’s models, the size is represented by a single number, whereas women’s models should have two digits.
Minor details on a phoney Lacoste polo can help you spot it.
The producer of authentic Lacoste clothes utilises mother-of-pearl buttons with two holes and no inscriptions.
Replica producers frequently overlook this and utilise 4-hole buttons.
At the bottom of men’s polo shirts, there are little cuts around 0.4 inch deep.
There are no cuts on female models.

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